The Department of Family Medicine continuously and comprehensively provides primary health care services that can occur in the community It serves as a personal and family doctor for the recipients and provides medical care for disease prevention and health promotion.

If a precise diagnosis or high-level treatment of a disease is required, the family medicine department will provide advice or referral to other specialists and specialists based on abundant information to help them receive the most efficient optimal treatment.

Medical field

  • 1Primary care and counseling for various diseases
    Cold symptoms, digestive symptoms, bladder inflammation, headache, fatigue, chest pain, allergic rhinitis, canker sores, lip herpes zoster, hives, anemia, thyroid disease, musculoskeletal pain, etc
  • 2chronic disease treatment
    Diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis 
  • 3Disinfection and Treatment of Trauma
    Trauma disinfection, trauma treatment
  • 4Consultation on the results of vaccination and medical examination
    Vaccination, consultation with specialists
  • 5Issuance of documents
    Study abroad documents, radiation worker certificate, employment certificate, health certificate