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Q [Family Medicine] Can I get a rapid antigen test for COVID-19 for experts?

 A PCR test is offered at the mobile screening center on campus in front of E15 (main auditorium). The clinic does not conduct a separate rapid antigen test for experts. Please refer to the Covid-19 Response Team website (https://cov.kaist.ac.kr/) for the hours of use and the schedule to identify the results.


Q [Family Medicine] Can I get an allergy test at the clinic?

The allergy test is MAST test, which is a blood test, and you are recommended to visit a nearby dermatologic clinic or tertiary hospital for the test after consultation with a dermatologist.

Q [Family Medicine] Can intravenous nutritional supplements or fluids be injected at the clinic?

 It is not possible to prescribe intravenous nutritional supplements at our clinic, and intravenous injections are only available for some diseases after examination by and consultation with a doctor.

Q [Family Medicine] I am planning to go abroad and need to be vaccinated against measles, and get tuberculosis tuberculin, and IGRA tests. Can these be done on the same day?

 The tuberculin test can be performed on the day of the measles vaccination, and it does not affect the reading. However, if you have recently been vaccinated against measles, you are recommended to get the tuberculin test at least 6 weeks later, as the measles vaccine may decrease the sensitivity of the tuberculin test.


Q [Family Medicine] What documents should I bring for the issuance of documents for studying abroad?

  If you bring the documents for studying abroad that must be submitted, a vaccination booklet with your vaccination history, vaccination certificate, passport, KAIST student ID, etc., additional information will be provided after checking.

Q [Family Medicine] I will study abroad as an exchange student. Is it possible to receive documents for studying abroad?

Yes. If you visit us after a phone consultation and make an appointment at least one month in advance, bringing the documents for studying abroad that must be submitted, the essential matters that must be included in the documents such as vaccinations and blood tests will be reviewed, and the documents will be issued after consultation with medical workers, guidance and filling them out. The fee for the issuance of documents for studying abroad is about 20,000 won.

(Provided that the documents can only be issued for adults aged at least 18 years.)

Q [Family Medicine] I recently had a medical examination. Can you issue a medical certificate for radiation workers?

Yes. If you had a medical examination at the KAIST Clinic within 6 months of the date of issuance, we can issue a medical certificate for radiation workers without additional blood tests, and the cost is about 15,000 won.

Q [Family Medicine] Can I be treated for male urinary system diseases?
For men, since there is a possibility of the occurrence of symptoms due to prostatitis, a prostate examination is necessary. Therefore, you are recommended to visit a nearby urology clinic and be treated there after a thorough medical examination.
Q [Family Medicine] Can I be examined for diagnosis and treated in relation to trauma such as fractures and musculoskeletal systems?
Fractures, trauma, and musculoskeletal-related symptoms must be diagnosed and treated after a thorough medical examination at the Department of Orthopedics, a specialized department, but since there is no related department in this clinic, we recommend visiting a nearby external orthopedic clinic.
Q [Family Medicine] Can I get a prescription for hair loss medication?
Hair loss medicine can only be re-prescribed after treatment and prescription at the dermatology department of the KAIST Clinic to check the progress of side effects, etc., and if you have a prescription from an external dermatologic clinic and are taking medicine, you can get a prescription if you bring the written diagnosis or prescription.