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Q [Diagnostic Test] –[Blood Test] How many hours should I fast before the test?

You should usually fast for eight hours. Depending on the test, you may have to fast for about 12 hours. You can drink some water. In particular, the diabetes test and lipid test (cholesterol, triglyceride, etc.) have test items where you must observe the fasting time for accurate test results, and blood sugar is measured two hours after eating.

Also, the breath test requires a complete fast for 4 hours. Please follow the instructions before the test.

Q [Diagnostic Test] –[Blood Test] Why blood is drawn into many test tubes at the time of a blood test?

Since the required containers are different depending on the types of test, multiple containers can be used for blood sampling if there are many tests.

Q [Diagnostic Test] How to request blood collection/test for research

 In order to cooperate in a legal and safe way when blood collection/test (blood, X-ray) is necessary for research purposes by members of KAIST, the KAIST Clinic has prepared the following blood collection/test methods for research. Please refer to the following.

User and scope of use

 - User: KAIST member
 - Scope of use: blood collection/test for research (blood, X-ray)

 - Requirements for use: KAIST Institutional Review Board (IRB)’s prior approval and human subject research subjects’ consent

 - Restrictions on use: Students and researchers of the research director, and undergraduate students under the age of 20 are not allowed to participate as subjects

How to request blood collection/test for research

1. The requestor fills out “Request for Research Blood Collection/Test” and “Bill for Research Expenses for Blood Collection/Test” (attached)

2. Make a reservation with the medical department in charge at least two days in advance

  - Blood collection, blood test: Diagnostic laboratory (T. 0507)

  - X-ray examination: Department of Radiology (T. 0504)

3. Visit the relevant medical department at the scheduled date and time (bring and submit the request form and required documents, accompany the subject)

  - Documents to be submitted

   (Common) * Written request for blood collection/test for research

   (Human subjects research) * Copy of KAIST Bioethics Review Board (IRB)’s approval

                     * Copy of written consent of the subject of human subject research

                     * Subject ID (present at the time of blood collection, if it is the first visit to the clinic, there may be a request to confirm/submit documents proving that he/she is a member of the school)

4. Fee: Account transfer or direct deposit

Fees for use

1. Blood collection: 5,000 won/case - Based on 10 or fewer blood collection containers, 500 won per container for containers exceeding 10 blood collection containers

2. Blood test: according to the National Health Insurance Service’s fee for the year

3. X-ray examination: 10,000 won/sample - CD Copy included

4. Centrifugation: 5,000 won/time - based on use of the separator one time (applied from April 1, 2015)


 Attachments: Request for Research Blood Collection/Test.

           Bill for Research Expenses for Blood Collection/Test.