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Q [Stress Clinic] Is it possible for the stress clinic to issue a leave of absence diagnosis?

Yes. That is possible.

Since a medical certificate is a legal document, 'sufficient time' must be taken to diagnose the individual's current health condition prior to issuance.

It is difficult to evaluate an individual during a brief consultation because each individual has a unique history of development and responds to situations differently.

Therefore, 3-6 months of outpatient treatment and at least one month of medical treatment and psychological evaluation are required for an accurate diagnosis.

Currently, KAIST only recognizes medical certificates issued by university hospitals, general hospitals, and KAIST clinics as a leave of absence diagnosis.

Individual circumstances may necessitate a one-month hospitalization at a tertiary hospital for diagnosis and treatment via intensive interview and psychological examination.

The process at the KAIST Stress Clinic is similar. A medical certificate can be issued at the discretion of the psychiatrist only when outpatient treatment is received. 

For more information regarding leave of absence, please contact the campus Academics Team.


* The medical certificate can only be received by the patient ; proxies are not permitted.

* At the time of document issuance, you must present identification and pay a separate fee.

Q [Stress Clinic] Why can not I reserve a spot at the stress clinic online?

There was a high rate of appointment defaults on online.

The stress clinic requires at least 30 to 60 minutes of treatment time, so it is managed so as to avoid appointments whenever possible.

We monitor the appointment status in real time and, if an appointment is canceled, we advance waiting patients or coordinate an appointment for a return visit.

Therefore, if personal circumstances make it difficult for members to arrive at the hospital after booking an appointment, we would appreciate it if you could contact us in advance to let us know, even on the same day.