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Fall 2022 classes Mental Health Checkup Notice
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The KAIST Clinic mandates students to take the Mental Health Checkup survey.

It takes approximately 10~15 minutes and would be a good opportunity to find out about your current mental health status and seek help just in case you need further guidance.

If you are a freshman, complete your mental health checkup on our website by July 15 after your student number is generated.



❍ Eligibility: KAIST Freshmen, returning students


❍ Dates: 

  1) freshmen: ~ Fri. July 15th,2022

  2) returning student:  Mon. July 25th,2022~Fri. August 5th,2022


❍ Procedure: Quick Menu [Mental Health][Mental Health Test for freshmen, returning student]


❍ If you log in now, you may begin the Mental Health Checkup.




❍ Contact: Stress Clinic 042)350-0544,0548




Your Health Partner,


KAIST Clinic.