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When faced with problems related to the ears, nose and throat (ENT), it’s best to seek treatment from highly qualified and experienced physician – ENT doctor(otolaryngologist).

We deal with the followings including ‘URI-common cold :)’


[Infectious disease]

  • Draining ear – otitis externa, otitis media

  • Running nose – acute rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, acute and chronic rhinosinusitis

  • Sore throat, cough, voice change – laryngopharyngeal reflux disease, laryngitis,

  • Tonsillitis, vocal cord nodule(singer’s nodule)


[Functional disease]

  • Olfactory disorder(smell), taste disorder, hearing disorder, dizziness, voice disorder, snoring



  • Thyroid cancer, laryngeal cancer, pharyngeal cancer, oral cavity cancer

  • Other benign neoplasm of ENT field

  • You can always visit us(during office hours ^^;) even without diseases but just for a consultation.

     You will always be welcomed !!

Kim, In-kyeong, M.D.

  • Otorhinolaryngology

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 ※ Some departments open only part time sessions due to doctors' schedule and budget.