Health Checkup for Dorm Admission

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Any medical examination available?
  • - All program available ( BASIC / LIGHT / PLUS / COMPREHENSIVE / Recruitment & Studying Abroad
      health checkup )
  • - You have to take health checkup once a year for dormitory admission.
  • - SHIA do not support LIGHT / Recruitment & Studying Abroad Program. 
  • - If you have health checkup during Mar.- Jun., Sep-Nov., your waiting time will be shortened.
Chest X-ray
  • - Chest X-ray is needed for the students who had health checkup in previous semester.
       i.e) BASIC program in spring semester → chest X-ray in fall semester
  • - Please visit KAIST Clinic Mon.-Fri. 2PM-5:30PM without an appointment for the examination.
  • - Cost : KRW 5,000 (free of charge for students who had Basic program in previous semester as
      SHIA members )
Support for SHIA members

SHIA members who have BASIC ∙ PLUS ∙ COMPREHENSIVE Health Checkup could get financial support from SHIA as much as KRW 40,000 in designated period once a year. (SHIA only support the programs listed above.)

For those who have health checkup in KAIST clinic for the first time, rubella antibody(ladies under 40) test, hepatitis A antibody and blood test are included without extra charge.
예) i.e) in case of COMPREHENSIVE Health Checkup, you pay KRW 160,000
200,000 won(health checkup cost) – 40,000won(SHIA) = 160,000won