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Preparations before Health Checkup

Before Health Checkup
  1. Don't eat or drink anything after midnight prior to the day of health checkup. (Hypertension medicine doesn't need to be stopped. Take the medicine with small amount of water on time.)
  2. Urine sample taken during menstruation can lead to inaccurate urinalysis. Please avoid menstruation period when scheduling your examination. If it is inevitable, please inform it to our staff.
On the Health Checkup Day
  1. Fasting : Do not eat at least 8 hours. (Drinking small amount of pure water is okay.)
  2. No smoking or taking caffeine allowed before the examination.
  3. Please bring your KAIST ID card or alien registration card.
  4. Dress
    - Recommended to wear comfortable clothing.
    - Please avoid expensive or metal accessories.
    - For eye examination, please bring your glasses or lenses you usually wear.
      If you wear contact lenses, please wear them in and bring the container to keep them during
      the checkup.
    - If you have long hair, please bring hairpin or hairband for chest X-ray examination.

Health Checkup Result & Consultation

Health Checkup Result
  1. The result will be delivered in 2-3 weeks from the health checkup day.
    * You could receive it in email (PDF file) or printed paper.
    * BASIC Health Checkup result is sent by email only.)
  2. To protect personal information, the result by email can be checked only for two weeks from the date you receive.
  3. If you need result paper after you received it once, please visit KAIST Clinic Health Promotion Center on the 3rd floor with your alien registration card or passport.

Please contact Health Promotion Center for consultation about the result.
* SMS will be sent for those who need further examination after the checkup.


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