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  • Find a doctor and choose the time that works for you.
  • Complete reservation.
  • You can confirm your appointment at the quick menu 'appointment confirm' menu.
  • Dental clinic and dermatology appointment is only avaliable by telephone.
  • Making an appointment for gastroenterology is available by phone 042-350-0537.
  • Check our 'Clinic Hours' table.
  • Call the department you want to make an appointment for.
    • Registration Hours: 9AM-12:40PM, 2PM-5:40PM
    • As patients with appointment have priority, you might have to wait longer.

      • Because of the legal status of KAIST Clinic, we can provide our service only to the KAIST members and their families.
      • If KAIST members want to have their family visit us for medical treatment, please bring that person's ID card and a document that could prove family relation(i.e. marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.)

        Notice for Waiting Time

        • We will see you as quickly as we can but waiting time will vary depending on patient volume at any given time. For smooth patient flow, please understand that patients are seen in order of priority.
        • The Order Patients Are Seen
          1. Emergent patients : Those who require immediate medical attention, such as trouble breathing, active bleeding, or unstable vital signs.
          2. Patients with appointments : In order of appointment time.
          3. Walk-in patients : In order of arrival to the clinic.
        • Our goal is to keep every patient as close to their scheduled appointment time as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

          Items Covered by NHI Items NOT Covered by NHI
          Students SHIA and KAIST will refund for the expenses Reasonable fee set by KAIST
          Staff Regular Rate set by NHI
          Family Regular Rate set by NHI

          * NHI: National Health Insurance