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Health Promotion Center

Health screening programs: An appropriate program can be chosen based on age and needs.

1) 3-Step health screening program

Customized Health Screening Program of KAIST Clinic

2) Health Screening Program of National Health Insurance Service

  • ○ NHIS general examination(for KAIST members entitled to the general health examination of NHIS)
  • ○ Life transition period examination(for those at the ages of 40 and 66)
  • ○ Examination for the five major cancers(stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer)

3) Other Health Screening Programs

  • ○ LIGHT health examination
       - Basic health screening for dormitory entrance.
  • ○ Employment health examination
       - Health examination requested by companies to their new employees. Result is issued on a
         standardized form.
  • ○ Overseas study health examination
       - Health examination requested by universities out of Korea to their new students. Result is issued on a
         customized form since necessary exams are different by schools or countries. Fee for the laboratory
         tests will be charged separately.

Lifelong Healthcare Center

Vaccination Service(children and adults)

Health Management Program

  • ○ Fat-free Life Program(Metabolic syndrome and obesity)
  • ○ Consult for abnormal health screening test results

Infectious disease control