KAIST clinic is committed to promoting physical, mental and social health of KAIST community by providing optimized health care service, including prevention, treatment and education.


  • Medical institute the most trusted by KAIST members
  • Medical institute continuously growing based on passion and communication
  • Medical institute leading convergence of science and medicine

Core Values

  • Supremacy in Medicine
  • Scientific Evidence-based
  • Service Inspring


01 To provide primary health care to KAIST family
  • Health care for KAIST undergraduate and graduate students who have left their original residence and are concentrating on their studies and research in the on-campus dormitory
  • Creating an environment conducive to research by providing systematic health care from admission to graduation
  • Time and cost reduction through an efficient referral system when all members are needed for examination and treatment due to severe disease
02 To provide healthcare and information about Korean healthcare system to foreigners
  • Resolving fundamental medical problems by providing English medical services to foreign residents
  • Provision of information on Korea's medical environment and medical delivery system unfamiliar to foreigners
  • Facilitating attraction of foreign talents by satisfying essential medical services
03 To promote health of KAIST family by running Lifelong Healthcare Clinic
  • Providing low-cost, high-quality, systematic health check-up services for KAIST members and their families
  • Promoting healthy living culture by identifying, managing, and providing information on diseases related to lifestyles such as smoking, drinking, and obesity
04 To promote research study that involves both basic science and clinical medicine
  • Creating a new research field by the convergence of clinical treatment and research function
  • Increasing research efficiency by jointly using major medical equipment for research purposes