건강진단서 표입니다. 종류, 검사애뇽, 비용, 진료과, 비고의 내용을 제공합니다.
Categories Test items Cost Related clinics Note
Health checkup for dorm out of campus or company entrance Chest X-RAY test and required blood tests KRW 12,000
(Additional cost can be charged)
Family medicine The test cost can be different from each required form.
* Additional cost will be charged for the vaccination
Health checkup for radiology handlers in work Blood tests (10 types of CBC) KRW 24,200 Family medicine
English health checkup result - After you get abroad student health checkup
- Matched with the required form
KRW 20,000 Family medicine · Internal medicine
Health checkup for narcotic drugs 마약류 검사(소변검사 4종), 정서검사(단축) KRW 80,730 Stress clinic

Other Certificates

각종 서류발급 안내 표입니다. 종류, 발급비용, 발급부서의 내용을 제공합니다.
Categories Cost Related clinic or departments
Medical certificate · Medical report · Medical opinion paper KRW 7,000 The clinic where you got treatment
Issue additional medical certificate · Medical opinion paper KRW 1,000 The clinic where you got treatment
Clinic visit certificate(out of campus) KRW 3,000 The clinic where you got treatment
Medical treatment referral letter Free The clinic where you got treatment
Clinic visit certificate(on campus) KRW 1,000 reception desk
Medical record for the first visit/copy KRW 1,000 (Under 5 pages)
KRW 100 (per page from 6th page)
The clinic where you got treatment, reception desk
Chest X-ray Certificate for Dormitory admission Free KAIST Clinic Website (Health Checkup
> Dormitory Admission Document)
Medical certificate for military service KRW 20,000 The clinic where you got treatment

Please show up with your photo ID that has your alien registration number to issue a certificate.

Your representative and issue a Medical record for first visit/copy with bringing an Authorization Form, Consent From, Family Certificate, and the patients & the representative photo ID.