Health Checkup for Dorm Admission


Any medical examination available?

  • All program available ( BASIC / LIGHT / Recruitment & Studying Abroad health checkup )
  • SHIA do not support LIGHT / Recruitment & Studying Abroad Program.
  • Please visit KAIST Clinic after appointment.
  • If you have health checkup during Mar.- Jun., Sep-Nov., your waiting time will be shortened.

Chest X-ray

  • Internet advance reservation (including same day) required, Chest X-rays can be taken only by reserved person
  • For the chest X-ray, please come in clothes that do not have buttons or zippers, comfortable clothes to change into, and refrain from wearing metal accessories.
  • prepared thing: : KAIST ID (or mobile ID)

Support for SHIA(Student Health Insurance Association) members

Students who have SHIA membership on the checkup date is eligible for SHIA support as below.

  1. Health checkup appointment

    A) SHIA members are given financial support up to KRW 50,000 for BASIC health checkup once a year.

  2. Chest X-ray examination

    SHIA members who had health checkup of 1-A) will be given free chest X-ray once in the following semester.