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Q [Use of treatment] Guide to the subjects of treatment by the KAIST Clinic


Subjects of Treatment by KAIST Clinic

2019. 2. 20., Clinic Operation Team

■ Subjects of treatment



Whether can be treated



Regular course students

(including students on leave of absence), exchange students,

Internship =



Prospective students of the regular course,

International Summer School students,

Auditing student (including Science Gifted School students)

Conditionally possible

· If all of the following conditions and are met, only the relevant person is eligible for insured treatment and not eligible for dental scaling, non-insured treatment, health check-up, and beauty treatment

    Those who have been given a student number

    Those who are participating in school events or classes or staying in the dormitory to that end

Expelled student, graduate


Short-term visiting students not given a student number

Not possible

· Not possible to receive treatment from the date of expulsion and the date of conferment of degree

· For those who are expected to be hired after graduation, treatment is not possible until the date of appointment

· People without a student ID can be given first aid when only when essential first aid is required, and among them, foreigners are eligible only for imaging chest PA in cases where they have entered the country without undergoing an X-ray or TST examination


Full-time worker, position in special service, tenant company employees, etc. =

Family members of school members (, )



Family members

Family members of school members (, )


· Scope of the family members

- Civil Act Article 779 (Scope of family members) The following people are considered family members. 1. Spouse, lineal blood relatives and siblings 2. Spouses of direct blood relatives, lineal blood relatives of spouses, and siblings of spouses In the case of Paragraph 1, Item 2, the people are limited to those who share the same livelihood.*

* In the case of living together = If the address on the resident registration is the same or if the National Health Insurance premium is borne by the KAIST employee or student

Outsiders and short-term school visitors* who are not school members or families are not allowed to use the clinic.

* Short-term visitors: participants in short-term camps (hosted by language centers, science gifted education centers, etc.), participants in industry-academic cooperation open lectures, etc.

(Exceptions) If essential emergency treatment is required, the doctor in charge decides and transfers the patient to a nearby hospital or clinic depending on the condition after emergency treatment, but prescriptions are not given and medical expenses or insurance claims are requested.

                           ② If essential emergency treatment is not required, the person is guided to the health care room or nearby hospital/clinic.

Q [Treatment procedure guidance] I have a question related to treatment.

1. Can I receive treatment?
The KAIST Clinic is an “affiliated clinic” stipulated under Article 35 of the Medical Service Act, and only professors, students, and employees affiliated with KAIST, employees of tenant companies, and their family members can receive treatment.

※ The scope of family members is as follows.

1) Spouse, lineal blood relatives and siblings

2) Spouses of lineal blood relatives, lineal blood relatives of spouses, and siblings of spouses are limited to those who share the same livelihood   

2. What should I prepare and bring with me for my first treatment?
Those who receive treatment at our clinic for the first time

should bring their student ID (student) or employee ID (employee).

- If a family member wishes to receive medical treatment, he/she should prepare and bring a document proving the family relationship (medical insurance card or family relationship certificate).


 3. How is treatment carried out?

The procedure for using our clinic is as follows.



(Reception room on the first floor; dental reception is on the second floor)

- After presenting ID, apply for the medical department

(If you are a family member, please bring the relevant documents when visiting for the first time.)

- Guided to the outpatient clinic after completing the application





(Outpatient treatment: first floor, second floor treatment room)

-Treatment by the doctor in charge in the designated treatment room

- After treatment, receive the procedure sheet from the outpatient nurse and go to the reception desk





(Payment and appointment: first floor reception room; dental reception: second floor)

-Issuance of receipt and out-of-hospital prescription after payment of medical expenses





(Test, radiography: first floor radiation room, diagnostic laboratory, injection room)

- Examination, photographing, and medication according to the procedure sheet


Q [Appointment for treatment] I have a question about reservation, change, or cancellation.

1. Should I make an appointment to receive treatment?

- With the exception of some departments, it is possible to receive treatment on the same day without an appointment.

  * In the case of clinics such as the dentist, stress clinic, and dermatology, the time for treatment may be delayed, so please make an appointment by phone before visiting.

  * Treatment is possible with an application on the same day, but please understand that the waiting time may be longer due to treatment of those who made an appointment first.


 2. I want to cancel or change my appointment. What should I do?

- Appointments can be made through the appointment program on the clinic website up to the day before the appointment date, and you can cancel or change the appointment through the wired connection to the relevant treatment department.

- On the day of treatment, you can only cancel or change your appointment by phone.

Q [Health Management Office]-[Submission of health examination documents] What health examination documents need to be submitted to the school?
Below are the required documents for submission. For further details, please follow the instructions provided by the relevant department.
1. Chest X-ray Results:
- For residents of the dormitory: Submit via the "KAIST Dormitory Website (kds.kaist.ac.kr))"
- For non-residents of the dormitory: Submit via email to "healthmanager@kaist.ac.kr"
- Documents without a hospital seal will be invalidated.
- Only X-ray results taken within 6 months prior to the start of classes, indicating no tuberculosis or infectious diseases, are valid.
2. Proof of Measles Immunity (Choose either ① or ②):
- Mandatory for new students (However, students who have submitted proof upon initial enrollment are exempt).
① Measles Vaccination Certificate:
- Submit if vaccinated for 1st, 2nd, or both doses.
- If there is no vaccination record or only the 1st dose is recorded, submit antibody test results or receive an additional dose and submit.
② Antibody Test Results:
- Submit if no vaccination record is available and do not wish to receive measles vaccination.
- Only positive test results are valid.
3. Online Mental Health Assessment: Results will be automatically transmitted upon completion of the assessment on the Stress Clinic website (clinic.kaist.ac.kr/stressclinic).
Q [Health Management Office]- [Chest X-ray] Is it possible to take a chest X-ray for purposes other than entering the dormitory?

Yes. Chest X-ray can also be tested for purposes other than entering the dormitory.(Academic reinstatement, etc.)

KAIST Clinic allows only those who make reservation on the KAIST Clinic's website to have a medical examination and chest X-ray.(ONLY website reservation).

Q [Dermatology] Can I get laser treatment for cosmetic reasons (ex. acne scar, hair removal, spot/pigmentation removal)?
Please understand that we do not provide laser treatment or cosmetic treatment because disease-oriented treatment is prioritized in the clinic. Please visit a local dermatology clinic where laser treatment is available
Q [Dermatology] What kind of treatment can I get for acne/pimples?
We can only provide a prescription for oral/topical medicine and injection of anti-inflammatory agents.
(Comedo/blackhead extrusion, laser treatment, etc., are not performed)
Q [Dermatology] What kind of treatment can I get for hair loss?
We can only provide a prescription for oral/topical medicine.
(Other treatment options such as mesotherapy, etc., are not performed
Q [Dermatology] What kind of treatment can I get for warts?
We do only cryotherapy for warts in the clinic. Depending on the location of warts (usually on the face or trunk), they should be treated with laser treatment. Please visit a local dermatology clinic where laser treatment is available in this case.
Q [Dermatology] Do you perform skin biopsy or surgical incision/excision?
Please visit a general university hospital or local dermatology clinic for these procedures.