1Treatment appointments

Weekday (Mon-Fri) treatment
AM 09:00-12:40 PM 14:00-17:40
Lunch break 13:00-14:00
Appointment by phone is required (Online reservation not available)
  • If you are late for your appointment, your treatment time may be reduced or you may have to reschedule.
  • There are many people awaiting for treatment, so if you are unable to visit us on the reserved date, please contact us in advance. Informing us is advance of appointment cancellation can be of great value to someone else who is waiting.
  • 2Application

    • New patients : Bring your student ID and Alien Registration Card (ARC) or passport on the day of treatment and submit an application to the Admissions Department on the first floor if you are a first-time patient or if your academic record has been changed and you need to register with the clinic again.
    • Returning patients : Returning patients who have made an appointment can go directly to the third-floor stress clinic.


  • You will be treated after waiting in the waiting area of the stress clinic.
  • The first treatment will take anything from 40 minutes to 1 hour. Individual treatment and consultation times may vary.
  • Even with an appointment, if the patient before you's treatment time is delayed, the waiting period may be extended.


Doctor-prescribed treatment is followed by a psychological assessment based on the patient's symptoms and condition. On the basis of the test results, you will receive sufficient counseling for the next course of treatment.

5Next appointment

 If you need to make another appointment after your initial treatment, you are free to do so, and if you require psychological assessment, we will help you with scheduling your appointment.