What is psychological assessment?

It is performed by trained individuals with clinical expertise.
The characteristics of the individual's cognition, thinking, emotions, personality, and interpersonal connections are analyzed by integrating data gathered via psychological tests, behavioral observations, and interviews.
This is a specialized process in comprehending psychological traits.

Why do I need a psychological evaluation?

  • This general psychological assessment allows for an accurate assessment of a person's psychological traits and difficulties, as well as the development of a treatment plan by exploring cognitive and thinking functions, emotional states, personality characteristics, interpersonal relationships, core conflict areas, and resources.
  • It enables us to understand the origins of problems and to identify individual potentials, strengths, and weaknesses, which can aid in reducing problem behavior and finding effective solutions.
  • It can be used for self-understanding and potential development, aptitude and career exploration, and for the prevention of maladjustment problems even if you do not have any particular maladjustment issues.

All psychological assessment are administered following outpatient treatment.