What is Mind supporters?

Mind Supporters is a program for KAIST students interested in mental health to cultivate a positive mental health culture on campus.
Mind Supporters' is a group that provides mental health information to KAIST students, raises awareness of mental health, and lowers the barrier to receiving psychiatric help.


Mind Supporters participates in various activities throughout the year to promote and enhance mental health awareness.

  • Creation and promotion of social media contents (card news, webtoons)
  • Planning and operating online/offline campaigns related to mental health
  • Support for events in the clinic, etc.

In addition, psychologist counselors in the stress clinic provide small group mental health workshops and various educational opportunities to students selected as Mind Supporters.


Any KAIST student who is interested in mental health!

Recruitment schedule and application method

Recruitment within the first semester of the current year (annually) and on campus websites such as the portal/KAIST clinic homepage. Apply via the KAIST Clinic website during the specified application period.

Period of activity

You will be active throughout the designated year as a supporter.

Activity benefits

Appointment letter and completion certificate for KAIST Mind Supporters, opportunities to participate in mental health-related activities, support for activity costs, Certificate of Excellence and prizes

Please contact stressclinic@kaist.ac.kr or 0545 on campus for further information.